Are Ecoflora Agro products compatible with agrochemical products?

Ecoflora Agro products are highly compatible with agrochemicals. Their formulas have been designed so they can be tank mixed with other chemical and biological pesticides or fertilizers, to avoid phytotoxicity problems or efficacy loss. In many cases mixtures can generate synergies between the mechanisms of action, generating better results when applying phytosanitary products. Checking the compatibility chart of products is recommended.

What are the effects of Ecoflora Agro products on beneficial insects? And specifically, what is recommended to protect pollinators?

Ecoflora products neither cause beneficial insects mortality nor negatively alter their behavior. It is recommended to apply Ecoflora products early in the morning in crops for which pollinators are important since at this time pollinators are less active.

How often should Ecoflora products be applied?

It depends on the directions of each product, the pest to handle, the climatic conditions, and the crop. Reviewing the technical directions of each product is recommended.

Can Ecoflora products be used for organic farming?

Ecoflora Agro products can be used in organic farming since they are plant extracts, formulated with active ingredients allowed for this type of agriculture under NOP, CEE, and JAS directives. CapsiAlil® / Captiva®, and EcoSwing® are certified by CERES as permitted solutions for organic farming. These and other products’ will be soon certified also by OMRI.

Are Ecoflora Agro products compatible with microbiological products? Specifically, can a tank mix be done with entomopathogenic fungi or beneficial bacteria?

Ecoflora Agro products are highly compatible with entomopathogenic and beneficial microorganisms such as Beauveria sp, Paecelomyces sp, Metarhizium sp, Bacillus sp, amongst other commonly used solutions. Consulting the product´s compatibility tables is recommended.

How effective are Ecoflora Agro products if applied as stand-alone?

The effectiveness of Ecoflora Agro products is high when applied as stand-alone in a preventative management, since their sub-lethal effects (such as anti-feeding, anti-egg laying, repellency, anti-mating, behavioral disruption, amongst other) prevent the establishment and the explosion of pest populations, protecting crops from pest damage.

Where can I buy Ecoflora Agro products?

Currently in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile, United States, Mexico and Taiwan. See section "Where to buy". And very soon in many other countries.

Are the flavor and other organoleptic characteristics of food crops altered by the use of the Ecoflora Agro products?

The application of the Agro Ecoflora products does not alter the flavor, aroma, nor other organoleptic characteristics of any crop, even if applying them the day before the harvest.

Are Ecoflora Agro products more expensive than other chemical or biocontrol alternatives?

Given the high concentration of active ingredient in Ecoflora Agro products, these are usually priced higher than other “alike” products in the market. Nonetheless it is important to take into account the recommended and registered application rates, since Ecoflora Agro products have very low application rates and therefore the application cost (on a per area basis) is very competitive offering have better benefit / cost ratio.

How long does the effect of Ecoflora Agro products last?

It depends on the product, climatic conditions, on the pest to handle, and the crop. Following the recommendations of each product´s label is strongly recommended.

Are there any restrictions for using Ecoflora Agro products before harvesting food crops. What is their pre-harvest interval (PHI)?

None. All Ecoflora Agro products can be applied even during the harvesting day, since their active ingredients are not listed on the prohibited or controlled ingredients. In addition, wastes are not harmful to human health or environment, as they are harmless natural products (botanical) for which toxicity studies have been undertaken.

Can the continued use of plant extracts cause pest resistance?

The probability of a plant extract to cause resistance is very low and perhaps non-inexistent. Technically formulated extracts like EcoFlora´s, contains multiple biologically active molecules, which work synergistically on the pest insect (or disease), produce changes in its biological cycle behavior or even death, and it is very difficult for the insect metabolism to change so drastically as to avoid the action of so many molecules acting simultaneously through different means.

Could the irritation effect of CapsiAlil® or Captiva® affect farmer´s health?

In some cases its possible that mild cases of skin or eye irritation occur. Coughing and other irritations may occur when there is direct contact with the product or the application cloud. It can be easily mitigated by washing the affected areas with water, without representing health damage to whom is applying the products. This is the reason why it is important that during application, the protective elements are used (e.g. safety goggles, mask, gloves, etc.) and that the product is handled under the technical recommendations specified in the safety data sheet.

Which are the main differences of CapsiAlil® or Captiva® with other products made from garlic and hot pepper extracts?

CapsiAlil® and Captiva® have higher concentration of plant extracts (e.g. 97.8% of CapsiAlil´s formulation corresponds to active ingredients) offering better efficiency in the field, with lower application rates, and better results while handling. These product´s raw materials are selected and produced under high quality and safety standards. For the formulation of these products no components of chemical synthesis are used. Ecoflora´s extraction and formulation processes are performed using state of the art technology, allowing a more stable product, with no residues of solvents and water excess free, safer for people and the environment, and more effective than other similar products in the market.

When using CapsiAlil® or Captiva® for mites control, is it possible that mites migrate to areas that have not been applied?

Mites cannot travel long distances by themselves like other flying or jumping pests. With a good coverage of CapsiAlil® (or Captiva®) applications to pest focuses and surroundings, mites shall lose energy while moving to search unapplied areas, and it will be difficult for them to survive. Anyway it is advisable to apply CapsiAlil® or Captiva® in tank-mix with chemical or biological miticides when mite populations are high, for a better control. The contact probabilities will significantly increase do to the repellent and irritant effect of CapsiAlil® and Captiva®.

Can higher rates of CapsiAlil® or Captiva® be used?

It is possible to use higher rates of CapsiAlil® or Captiva®, however, the studies conducted by Ecoflora Agro have shown that, there are no significant differences between the recommended rate and higher ones. This is the reason why it is always better to use the recommended rates stated on the product´s label.

Can the smell of extracts as CapsiAlil® or Captiva® be reduced?

The search for alternatives to reduce the olfactory impact of certain extracts of agricultural use, is a challenge for which some studies are being done, however, it is important to understand that safety and protective devices shall always be used for spraying and so far, these is the safest means to also reduce the olfactory impact.

Is ECOA-Z® effective against nematodes when high populations are present in the crop?

ECOA-Z® is a product that is designed to protect plant´s roots against nematodes attacks and it is ideal for a preventive management. Nonetheless, it is possible to achieve effective results when nematode populations are high and when plant symptoms are evident. In these cases, the application of mixtures of ECOA-Z® with root growth enhancer products is recommended, to generate new roots and to enable the protection of the affected plants allowing the plant´s fast recovery of its nutrient absorption rate.