About Us

EcoFlora Agro is a leader and pioneer in the development of plant (botanical) extracts for effective and sustainable crop protection.

It is a joint venture with global reach, created in 2011, which combines the innovation capabilities developed by EcoFlora since 1998 with the experience of more than 50 years of Gowan Company, in the registration, development and marketing of solutions for integrated pest and disease management, around the world.


Atributes Ecoflora

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Sostenibilidad Ecoflora Agro

Ecoflora’s Philosophy aims to the development of high quality and effective alternatives promoting sustainability, environmental protection, social and economic development based upon our innovations.

Our products, contribute to pollution prevention because they are cleaner alternatives to other potentially contaminant, synthetic, and non-renewable biocides.

We are aware and active towards biodiversity conservation and sustainable use, pollution prevention, environmental care and social development. We use natural ingredients which in their cultivation, wild harvesting and manufacturing, accomplish sustainability principles, standards, and criteria during the whole supply chain and during their whole life cycles.

We promote the sustainable use of Colombian biodiversity as a mechanism for its protection and as a vehicle of value creation and development. Understanding the real value of our natural resources, means to protect them in order to obtain always benefits without destroying the nature that provides them. That’s why we work together with native communities who sustainably obtain these natural resources from crops and nature. We contribute to the sustainability of our value chains through technology transfer and by the re-investment of part of our profits for the better being and performance of our suppliers.

Our production plant incorporates environmentally sound technologies that allows us to affirm that Ecoflora Agro works in a sustainable way, taking care always of environmental protection with social responsibility.

Certifications and Memberships


We are a B Corp company, we use the market power to solve social and environmental problems.



We belong to BioIntropic, we innovate and develop with science and the revolutionary use of natural resources.



We are an Endeavor Company since 2007.



Our products are certified or certifiable as suitable inputs  for organic agriculture.


Our Production Standards

Production Plants

In order to achieve the best quality in our solutions, our manufacturing facilities have been designed and built to assure the standardization and safety of our products and production processes.

Clean and Sustainable Raw Materials

We use raw materials derived from botanical biodiversity (one of the largest in the world), following sustainable biotrade, environmental protection, and social responsibility principles and criteria. We count with our own and certified value (supply) chains.

Quality Control System

We have a quality system in place based upon Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for the production (extraction and formulation) of our plant extracts for pest and disease management.

Open Innovation

We have an open innovation system focused on the development of new and disruptive solutions based upon a national and international network of research and development, aimed to facilitate technology transfer from universities and research centers to the farming industry through Ecoflora Agro.and its business and technology partners.